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Talent Acquisition

Job Descriptions, Vacancies Management & API, Applicant Tracking, Candidate Evaluation, Pre Boarding


Employee Data & API, T&C, Employee Life Cycle, Letters, Announcements, Surveys, Employee File, Discussion Groups, Separations, Best Practice Enforcement

Leave & Attendance

Attendance, Leave, Shifts, Rosters, Holidays, Overtime, Mobile and Biometric

Compensation & Benefits

CTC, Salary, Arrears, Reimbursements, Statutory Deductions, Loans, Overtime, Incentives, Benefits, Accounts Integration


E-Library, Needs Identification, Trainer Identification, Scheduling, Pre and Post Test, Feedback, Learning Index

Talent Management

Goal Settings, Competency framework, Reviews, Appraisals, Committee Review, Analysis and Outcomes, Letters, Feedback

Reward & Recognition

Modules based Programs, Manual Programs, Leaderboard, Redemptions. Recognize: Star Officer, Well Done, Peer to Peer, Applause

Project & Timesheets

Clients, Projects, Milestones, Budgets, Tasks, Hours Utilization, Analysis

Employee Assets

Asset Groups and Types, Inventory, Issue, Returns

Employee Expenses

Travel Plan, Bookings, Expense Submission, Cancellation, Travel Report, Accounts Integration

Social Engagement

Birthday, Marriage and Work Anniversary, New Joinee, Holiday Greetings, Family Connect

Business Excellence

Knowledge Management Portal, Suggestions: Suggestion Management, Kaizen Sheets, Audit Sheets


Approval Process, Helpdesk, MP Sheet, CAPA, Safety, Permissions

Reports, Insights & Governance

Analytics, Reports, Organogram, Org Charts, Headcount Budgets, Legal Entities

Employee Self Service

Policies, Notifications, Dashboard, Single Signon, Mobile and Web